Ed Duarte
Hi! I'm Ed Duarte!
Software engineer and researcher. Philonoist, cinephile and electronic music aficionado.


Over five years of hands-on experience with Backend Architecture, Distributed Systems, Mobile & Web Frontend Development, UI/UX Design and Information Science. Worked extensively with languages such as Java, Kotlin, Typescript, Javascript ES6 and Swift.

Recently finished my internship at Bosch Thermotechnology, where I developed a scalable platform for time series analysis and annotation, designing a ReactJS application and deploying a distributed architecture with polyglot persistence that handles high amounts of traffic and massive multivariate data sets.

Previously worked at Ubiwhere as a backend developer on a business process modeling and integration platform, and as a mobile developer in various Android and iOS applications for brands like Vodafone Smart Parking, Bewegen, Bikeemotion, Anacom and Prio.

I have co-founded two tech startups where I had the chance to act both as a creative director and a technical lead, guiding co-workers in the development and marketing of mobile apps, overseeing the interactive design of the final product, and devising unique interface ideas in the consumer space.

I also have a strong background in academia: earned a Master's degree in Software Engineering (thesis graded 19 out of 20) and a Bachelor's in Information Technology; worked with bioinformatics and marine life research groups; published three papers in fields such as Data Analysis, Information Visualization and Information Security; and spoken at various conferences around the globe.


Throughout the few years of academic and professional career I have had, I was lucky to have the opportunity of working in ambitious projects with fantastic colleagues and leading teams of talented developers and designers, assimilating experience from various domains ranging all aspects of the product development life cycle.

I tend to prefer projects that allow me to step out of my comfort zone, as I firmly believe that having a wide breadth of understanding is vital to gain perspective when approaching specific challenges and to grow as an engineer. More than simply focusing on coding, I have always pushed myself to complete my tasks with a high standard of quality and polish, applying best practices and researching bleeding edge methods. I am enthusiastic about re-thinking and over-thinking systems to achieve optimized solutions.

Work with me

I am currently looking for a job that merges the technical aspects of Software Engineering (e.g. Distributed Systems, Data Management, Frontend Development) with more creative aspects (e.g. Interaction Design, Computer Graphics, Information Visualization).

Feel free to send me an email.